Thursday, April 05, 2018


As part of The Future Growth Project (FGP) / Wellhead Pressure Management Project (WPMP), GATE (of which GAMA Endustri is a partner with 50% share) has signed 5-year contract with Tengizchevroil in November 2017. The scope of GATE is to provide services in Area 51 of Tengiz regarding Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Installation.

The works which are in scope of GATE consist of pile installation, earthworks, reinforced concrete and steelworks, pipework, mechanical equipments, electrical works and instruments. The works are scattered in a large area of 25 km by 20 km.

The mobilisation of temporary office facilities for personnel and also the mobilisation of the indirect personnel have already been completed. The mobilisation of management and engineer personnel for site works is ongoing and has been completed mostly.

Baseline schedule has been approved by the client company. The planned start for site temporary facilities and for project related works is in April 2018.