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FGP Construction Compound Main Works


LOCATION: Tengiz, Kazakhstan

COMPANY: TengizChevroil LLP

CONTRACTOR: Third Kazakhstan Branch of GATE Construction

COMMENCEMENT: 15/08/2016

COMPLETION: 29/08/2019

Project Description:

Company (Tengizchevroil) is undertaking a large-scale expansion of capacity at the existing Tengiz oil field through development of the Future Growth Project/ Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP/WPMP). To support the FGP/WPMP, a new Construction Compound (CC) is required to be constructed to the north and west of the existing North Contractors Compound at Tengiz. The CC when complete will provide the base locations for the FGP/WPMP project management and the offices for the contractors working on the project. It will also be the main material handling facility for the project.

Scope defined in the Contract No. CW1546065 Construction Compound Main Works is divided into 3 parts and includes Stage-1 and Stage 2:

  • Part 1: Construction Compound Civil Works & Underground Piping
  • Part 2: Construction Compound Mechanical Installation Package
  • Part 3: Construction Compound Electrical, Telecom and Instrumentation Installation Works

Construction Compound Main Works Project scope mainly consists of the following items:

  • Forklift Unloading Platform (FUP)
  • Customs Compound Walls (CCW)
  • Underground Firewater Distribution Network (UFW)
  • Pump House Fit-Out & Piping (PUM)
  • Underground Potable Water Distribution Network (UPW)
  • Underground Technical Water Distribution Network (UTW)
  • Underground Sanitary Sewer Line (USS)
  • Electrical Distribution Network (EDN)
  • Contaminated Water Line (WSC)
  • Instrumentation Cable Network (ICN)
  • Substations (SUB)
  • Security Posts & Traffic Control Posts (SP & TCP)
  • Fuel Filling Area (FFA)
  • Fence (FEN)
  • Roads Network (ROA)
  • Surface Water Ditch Network (SWD)Surface Water Ditch Network (SWD)