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Quality & HSE


Our Objective

GATE’s objective is to ensure satisfaction of customer and stakeholders, to increase the profit, to be a «credible» leading company in the contracting sector; while undertaking its activities, tries to minimize the impact of its activities on environment, property, health and safety of employees and third parties.

Our Responsibilities

While undertaking its activities GATE ensures continuity of customer satisfaction, taking all kinds of measures to ensure occupational safety and preventing environmental pollution in the most effective way as its corporate policy.

Our Principles

GATE authorizes to conduct their activities in accordance with the following principles:

  • Ensure the health and safety of its employees; operate in accordance with laws, regulations, rules, standards and technical specifications,
  • Be prepared for an emergencies,
  • Take measures in order to prevent an occupational accidents and diseases,
  • Protect the environment by reducing energy use,
  • Decrease waste production and promotion of reuse and recycling,
  • Appreciate honesty, decency, transparency and corporate fairness,
  • Respect principles of human rights, ethnic and cultural values,
  • Reduce customer complaints, additional and repair works, costs,
  • Improve management systems, change against the evolving of new technologies.
  • Help employees better understand their responsibilities related to Stop Work, ensure compliance with HSE standards.